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How can your organization benefit from sustainability?

Conducting business in a sustainable way will improve your whole organisation. Not only by building a sustainable organisation, but also by reducing costs, motivating employees and creating a positive reputation.


6 areas


Providing sustainability consultancy and project management, Lemonfield focuses on 6 areas:


Energy & Water




























Approach in 4 phases


1. Roadmap


For every company, we commence with an exhaustive business scan in order to idenify those areas that will most benefit from a sustainable approach. 


2. Quick wins


In phase two we look at the quick wins for your business, for instance energy & water or mobility.


3. Throughout the organization


The in-depth part in which we look at the product or service of your business. What are the possibilities and options to create a more sustainable product? How can we involve staff and what are the benefits when employees are committed to your and their sustainability goals? We will also have a look at projects that will help communities around you or in challenged areas in the world.


4. The chain


The last step is to have a look at the whole chain in which your business operates. What measures have your suppliers taken towards a more sustainable way of conducting their business? Can you create awareness amongst your customers regarding sustainability?


What benefits can be reached for your business?


Would you like more information? Please contact me at or via 06 144 79 274.







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